How I wrote a JSON parser in Go - Part 5 - Summary

Opemipo · December 21, 2019

So what were the main lessons I learned from this?

Software engineering lessons

I feel like I have a solid grasp on how to write libraries. My process is: -

  • start by designing the public interface
  • write a MVP with the core features
  • refactor your code - if there are missing abstractions add them, if you took shortcuts fix them
  • add more features and refactor again if necessary
  • optimize space and time I also learned that a domain driven design mindset is very helpful. By this I mean in particular writing code that mirrors the domain(or problem space) closely. In this case, the domain is the JSON specification and my code corresponds to it as much as possible. I used the same names and if you check, even the structure is similar to the diagrams explaining the specification. This is very important.

Takeaways for when next I do a learning project like this

  • Done is better than perfect. It took me too long to write about this project. I should have focused on getting it done and moving on.
  • I learned that next time I have a project like this, I need to set a time limit so it doesn’t drag on forever. It is hard to get back to things when I have context switched to other things.
  • I need to make sure I incorporate writing about the project into my process of working on it. My current idea for enforcing this, is to make sure that when I make a PR in the description I write the blog post.

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